In today’s fast moving world the traffic in online business is booming and to get an uninterrupted and unlimited traffic would be the results of a successful Google Adwords campaign.

  1. What is Google Adwords content Network?

GACW is a network that assists advertisers to search for ad campaigns rather than search the net. The salient advantage of GACW is that one does not have buy a limited amount of ads but one can start a campaign with the amount the person can afford.

  1. How to set up GACW?


To set up an ad campaign one can expect the ad to come out in minutes once the phrases and keywords are chosen for web design Adelaide. Helping tools are there that help to select keywords and phrases as an alternative for future references. As mentioned earlier one does not have to pay for any ad once you set up GACW as one has to pay only when a customer clicks on an adv. Also a minimum amount can be set aside for daily expenses. For each chosen keyword or phrase the amount is fixed. Higher ranked keywords draw higher cost and can draw more traffic as compared to lower ranked words having a lower cost. An additional advantage of GACW is that one can stop the campaign when ever wants to.

  1. How friendly is GACW?

It is very friendly as the software tools help one to track and monitor the ad but at the same time it is difficult to manage for someone who is new to the ad campaign.

  1. What if one cannot get more traffic in a particular Ad?

In such a case where one cannot get the traffic required there are certain websites that use the snowball traffic system in which the cost of the product is doubled in case of recession and at the same time doubles the number of people that buy the product .It is a never miss out situation.


5. People nowadays are using various networking sites for news and contents. The most popular networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. It has become a household name as it provides very good information on the internet. It has become a fashion to be on these sites as one is able to increase the friend circle and suddenly the world seems smaller. However both Facebook and Twitter are not good sites to write content because of shortage of space. On the rebound it is a good site to interact with places and other networking sites. Significance of website traffic has been observed when people are spending more time on social networking.

Also marketers and customers are getting more contents from social networking. Sharing of contents has also become like an epidemic and the social media has gained considerable significance. With the significant shift to people seeking information there is also a shift in site traffic generation thus making a shift in market focus. Hence the developments play a great role in the growth and role of social media.